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Club Crypto
  • Investment Opportunities

    A list of opportunities will be shown on the right once the numbers have been closed.  For now, we are showing the projected profit per corporate share based on two worst case scenarios. 

    • Advertising income is budgeted at $1 CPM and 500 ad views per member per month.  We do not account for increased CPM when members start proving specialization in specific areas.  
    • A $18/hour salary is paid to the CEO for the first year of development.  An additional $17/hour ($34,000) is allocated for specialist contracts.  All payments will be trackable via the blockchain.  No other payments or expenses other than members after the first year.
    • All AWS budgets are based on "pay as you going" pricing.  Pre-purchased compute time can lower these costs up to 72%.
    • The amount we are looking to raise to open the club is 1.8 BTC.  This will be raised by the sale of 500 (non-voting) corporate shares.
  • In this worst case scenario, the club grows very slowly, reaching less than 2,000 members in one year.  Then no new money is put into club development and no one renews.



  • In this scenario, the club grows slower than hoped, and 1/5 members renews after one year.



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