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  • Three areas have come together to form a rare opportunity

  • Machine Learning is a specific type of computing that uses Neural Networks and can improve with experience.  

    Improve is the key word.  Before the 21st century, programmers had to use logic to deal with any scenario.  Most of that logic was in the form of error handling, but the machines never changed until the programmers updated their code.

    Today ML emulates how the human brain learns - reinforcing those pathways that lead to success.  This means in situations where input and output is limited (Go game, driving a car, etc) a machine will outperform a human.  Application restrictions are mostly due to output - machines don't have the same dexterity as human limbs (yet).

    ML will eventually turn in AGI (Artificial General Intelligence - called the Singularity.)  We do not need to understand how we became conscious for an AI to do so. At that time, computers will be able to deal with unknown inputs and human problem solving will no longer be needed.

    We are in that sweet part of history right now where AI can do many tasks but humans are still needed.  Club Crypto will solicit these automated tasks, reducing costs, and provide a workforce that will get more proveable experience over time.  

    If you are interested in being a pioneer in this new era, please contact us.

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